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Polyneon Green

Recycled Polyester

Ideal for use in industrial machine embroideries, premium Polyneon Green embroidery threads are made of 100% recycled polyester derived from post-consumer waste. Reflecting Madeira’s commitment to the earth, Polyneon Green is a sustainable thread that can be used just as any other high quality 40 weight yarn—with the added benefit of doing something better for the environment with each stitch. Available in more than 63 brilliant colours, a special dyeing process means that the embroidery thread keeps its sheen even when faced with high washing temperatures, chlorine and rubbing. Polyneon Green is the perfect choice for workwear, denim, swimwear, and other demanding projects.

Polyneon Green 2,500 เมตร

Recycled Polyester ...

Polyneon Green 5000 เมตร

Recycled Polyester ...